Tuesday, February 23, 2010

“The Glory of Summer”

These gorgeous blue, violet, pink Hydrangeas are from my yard. I paired them with dark, purple plums to echo the color of the flowers and then contrasted them all with my favorite shiny brass bowl. The vintage embroidered cloth adds some movement and a touch of the same colors toward the bottom.

Medium: Oil on Ray Mar panel

Image Size: 8x10 inches




Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hi, Judy! I got your returning to the art world email and found your blog. I have been on blogspot for about 16 months. Welcome aboard. Your painting is gorgeous!

I bought a 5 x 7 oil painting from you off of Ebay--red pears on the black and white striped satin drape. I do still look at it every day and enjoy it more and more.

Good luck. It's great to know you are painting and selling again!

Judy Jones said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for the welcome back! I do remember you and the painting you bought, and I appreciate your comment. I'm on my way now to check out your blog.

Best, Judy