Monday, September 13, 2010

Basket O' Bings

I actually started this painting in mid-summer, but have only now had the time to put it up. I am a new grandma and spent two weeks in Brooklyn with my daughter, her husband and their new baby girl, Maya. What joy! Since I'm in Oregon, I guess we will have to rely on Skype. sigh. Anyway......,

There is hardly anything more wonderful or eagerly awaited than the first summer crop of Bing Cherries. Their glossy, deep red – almost black color – is so lush and mouth watering! To highlight their luxuriance, I piled a bunch of them into and around a shiny, brass basket. I loved the way the dark cherries contrasted with and were reflected in the light basket creating a truly superb and sumptuous display. Enjoy.

Title: "Basket O’ Bings”

Medium: Oil on canvas mounted on board

Image Size 6x8 inches




Pat said...

Scrumptious painting !

Judy Jones said...

Thanks, Pat. Scrumptious is a great word! Absolutely made for Bing cherries.