Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Long and the Short of It

This red apple and yellow, ceramic cream pitcher just seem made for each other in a Mutt and Jeff sort of way. Although one is quite tall, relative to the other, they are both rather rotund. I liked that the apple had exactly the same shade of yellow on it as the little pitcher, and I loved the cast shadow of the stem. I really experimented with the background, making it very loose and somewhat rough relative to the smoothness of the apple and pitcher. It was really fun to just smoosh paint around for a change. Me, being loose. Enjoy.

Title: "The Long and the Short of It”

Medium: Oil on canvas, mounted on board

Image Size: 4x6 inches


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Elizabeth Seaver said...

I did notice the loose background immediately, Judy! I like it.

I also like the composition. Almost as if the pitcher is whispering to the apple..."Let's run away together..." or some such.

Good to see your new work!

Judy Jones said...

Hi Elizabeth. I'm glad you like the background, because it's really fun to do. I like your "Let's run away together..." idea. You obviously see still life objects and people, too. My husband says I spend waaaay too much time alone.